Every year, 4.2 million youth and young adults experience homelessness globally


1/100 Torontonian youth experience homelessness in a year

28% of homeless people in Toronto are youth

In the wake of these statistics, more awareness and resources should be devoted to bettering these numbers in providing stable housing to this vulnerable demographic.


Youth from these communities, are more at risk of experiencing homelessness than others

According to Eva's youth homeless shelter in Toronto, the individuals in these categories are most at risk of social discrimination through their experiences like poverty and institutionalization. 

Homelessness amongst the youth community has been known to induce "nutritional vulnerability, declining mental health, high suicide rates, school dropouts, sexual and physical victimization and unemployment." In turn, these behaviours can increase the risk of chronic homelessness in the future. 

Data points and images from this bar chart were retrieved from Eva's shelter system. 

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  • Inflow =

    • Newly Identified: People who entered the shelter system for the first time.

    • Returned from Permanent Housing: People who previously used the shelter system, then moved to permanent housing, and have now returned.

    • Returned to Shelter: People who were previously using the shelter system, then did not use the system for 3 months or longer, and have now returned. Some other communities may call this indicator “Returned from Inactive”

  • Outflow =

    • Moved to Permanent Housing: People who were using the shelter system and have moved to permanent housing.

    • No Recent Shelter Use: People who were using the shelter system previously, but have not used the shelter system in the past three months. Some other communities may call this indicator “Moved to Inactive”.

Data points from this line graph were retrieved from the "Shelter System Flow" open data sources provided by the City of Toronto.

This waterfall bar chart shows the youth population and the rises and falls of this demographic in regards to homelessness. As seen, there has been a small rise of individuals who have returned from permanent housing.